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Computer Forensic Examiner

As a computer forensics investigator, I was trained to use many forensics’ tools, such as PRO-DISCOVER, WINHEX, FTK, ENCASE, PARABEN, X-WAY FORENSIC, HELIX, VMWARE, and some network forensic tools. I enjoy solving problem for clients

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Certified Computer Forensics Examiner

I became certified as a computer forensic examiner since 2012. After completed my bachelor's degree in 2012, I have undergone a training in the filed of computer forensic where I learned to use multiple forensic software and became certified by IACRB.

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SQL Server 2008,R2, 2012 and 2014

Currently working as A Business Intelligence Developer I have two years’ experience as database administration working for Pasco Sheriff, as a DBA I was responsible for developing SSIS packages, SSRS, Cognos, and crystal reports. I was also responsible to develop website for them using c#.

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Programming in C#, VB, HTML, CSS

Programming and designing application is a fun thing to me. I have profound experience in programming windows and web application using c# and vb, html and css. During the two years I spent working at Pasco Sheriff, I develop many website and windows application, and I trained three employees programming to continue the job I started.


My Biography

I have obtained a master’s degree in business from University of Phoenix in 2015 and a bachelor’s degree in information technology with a focus in computer forensics from American InterContinental University in 2012. I am a certified computer forensic examiner, and I have experience investigation bit stream copy of hard drive, cell phone, and PDA and other storage media drives to recover evidence required for a case.

  • Database developer
  • Manage database
  • Create SSIS Packages, SSRS reports
  • Create complex store procedures, triggers, functions and views
  • Develop windows application using asp c#
  • Develop website using c#
  • Computer forensics investigator

As a computer forensics investigator, I was trained to use many forensics’ tools, such as PRO-DISCOVER, WINHEX, FTK, ENCASE, PARABEN, X-WAY FORENSIC, HELIX, VMWARE, and some network forensic tools.

I have many years of experience working as a database administrator and Business Intelligence Developer for different companies/agencies such as Pasco Sheriff, AmeriLife LLC, Robert Half Technology and Sunshine Health. Of my pass responsibility I always assigned tasks such as creating SSIS packages, SSRS Reports, cognos Reports, and crystal reports. I have profound knowledge of programing web and windows application using c# and vb.

I love and enjoy Information Technology because I love helping people with technical problems. I am a great team player and an effective team leader, and I am a hard working person and a fast learner. I have under gone different trainings. For instance, I was trained by InfoSec institute in computer forensic, Hacking and security, and I was also trained by quickcert in database administration after completed my IT degree.

I am also an author, and I have a passion for reading and write. My first book is titled THE RED MAN which can be found online at this link at Amazon

I am currently working as a Business Intelligence Developer/ Data Analyst/ Windows Application Developer for Sunshine Health, and I am responsible for creating SSIS packages, SSRS reports, Windows Application, and Batch Load Processing.

I always put myself in a position to defend good people from criminals or bad people. In order to better prove that, I have learned to detect people who are committing computer crimes in the dark. To me everyone around me has to feel secure, so I always regard people very importantly because I believe everyone deserves respect and love.

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Forensic Examiner



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This is a screen shot of the begining of a forensic case.
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This is microsoft visual studio launching page.
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This is windows application I developed in class.
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This was a project I developed as my final class project. More...