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Adly H. Mondestin, MBA
And I'am a Data Analyst, software, database and ETL developer
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About me

I am Adly H. Mondestin, a database and software Developer

I am an experienced software, database and SSIS/ETL developer who has great knowledge as a data analyst in multiple industries such as healthcare, government and Information technology. I am also an entrepreneur and writer who has created a software company where I provide database, website and windows application development services to small and medium businesses. With my many years of experience, I am capable of creating any type of software, database and ETL using languages such as c# in ASP.net, tsql, plsql, html and css, and I am more than capable of extracting, loading and analyzing any dataset.

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Your advantage in me

Data Analytic

With many years’ experience as a data/business analysis in healthcare and other industries, you can only count on great results and nothing but results.


I have more than 8 years of experience developing SSIS/ETL using Microsoft data tool and asp.net console application c# when include business’s rules.


With many years as a database administrator, I have what any organization would need from a candidate to be able to work in their database platform.

Apps Development

I have been developing websites, windows applications and windows services since 2009, and I have been developing my skills over the years.

My skills

My Knowledge and experiences

Professional skills with many years of experience in information technology administering and developing SQL server and Oracle Databases, developing SSIS Packages, SSRS, Crystal and Cognos Reports, and developing and designing software application in asp.net c#, html and CSS, windows .net c# and vb, and phone app cross platform xamarin c#. Obtained a Master's degree of Business Administration from University of Phoenix in 2015 and a Bachelor’s degree of information technology with a focus in computer forensics from American InterContinental University in 2012, and have undergone extensive training in Computer Forensics, with skills investigating hard drives, PDAs, cell phones, networks, and hacking activities. I am knowledgeable of a vast array of IT software/programs and proficient at creating, managing, analyzing, backing-up and recovering databases. I am also knowledgeable in data modeling and design and have profound understanding of relational database and management systems. Have excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities, diligent attention to detail, and have been certified by IACRB as a Computer Forensic Examiner. I am proficient with FTK, Paraben, EnCase, Helix, X-ways Forensics, Wen-hex, VMware, Pro-discover and WireShark, and I am proficient with asp.net c#, vb, css, html, TSQL and PL/SQL. I am multi-lingual Fluent in English, Haitian Creole and speak some French.

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Data Analysis 95%
Database development & Database Management 90%
Create SSIS Packages & SSRS reports 95%
Create complex store procedures, triggers, functions and views 98%
Develop and Design windows application using .net c# 80%
Develop and Design website using asp.net c# and vb 70%
Develop Cross Platform phone application xamarin c# 20%
Computer forensic examination 10%